Now I can't promise that your new addition will be the next herding or agility champion or even the next "smartest dog" on animal planet, but I can promise you that I have done a lot of research about this puppies pedigree, and I have tried to pick the best parents with good structure, temperments and personalities.  I want you to have the best dog possible and I hope to improving on each and every litter.
  You are now a part of our family here at Latigo Farms. We are here throughout the lifetime of your dog, to answer questions about anything from "potty training" to how to making your own agility equipment .. 

PUPPY CLASS is HIGHLY recommended to help start you life long journey with your new pup. Someone has to "wear the pants in the family" and it shouldn't be the new puppy

Any dog receiving a title will get "LOTS of ATTENTION "
and bragging rights. I think the most important title to work for is the CANINE GOOD CITIZEN  CGC award and each of you can work for and get that title on your dog. It is fun and you'll have an obedient and well mannered dog for the rest of his life.
Did you know that many of these dogs are now training for therapy and companion dogs and can be seen at nursing homes and hospitals all across the USA.

So get on out there and chase some wooleys, or jump through some hoops. or knock them off there feet in conformation.  Try tracking lessons, flyball training or even the fast paced Rally O  .

                                                Just go have FUN!!

Please send many many photos so we can put them on the puppy album page.  It is so fun to share the lifes of the puppies growing up and to watch them as adults.  I love to see the photos of them hiking with you, swimming in the lake, chasing squirrels, sitting in your lap, playing in the snow...                                 well, you get the picture !!
Puppy buyers will receive a written guarantee for the health of their pup including a guarantee that if a genetic disease occurs in your dog's lifetime that upon written proof from your vet or specialist we will replace the dog. We won't ask you to return the dog, he/she is yours forever, but we will put you on the list for a puppy in the upcoming litters free of charge, (not including shipping).  With each puppy we will give you information as to shots, worming and health checks. A five generation pedigree and lots of information placed in your puppy packet.