Listen and I will tell you the story of the gift
Do you hear it? 
The gentle laughter of a young man 
A gift,  we are a gift 
Nestled in the confusing world of challenges
There is a moment of joy
A hug, a puppy kiss and they are friends forever.

     Billy had just finished his three hour shift at Wendys where he has worked everyday from 11am till 2pm for eight years.  He had no idea what an extraordinary day this was to be. He came out of the store dressed in his uniform and a hat full of pins recognizing his service. Nervously he glanced for traffic, fiddled with his hat and quietly talked to himself as he walked across the parking lot.  As he approached the truck a dear friend was standing there holding a beautiful puppy.  Billy smiled his shy grin and quickly turned his eyes downward to avoid eye contact but couldn't help but reach out to pet the puppy.  "Well , what do you think of her"  Linda asked.. Billy softly said, "she's a blue merle,  just like John Boy was.  I really miss John Boy".

"Guess what! Linda said,  I am going to give her to you as a gift. She is yours to train and love and spoil". Billy threw his head up and looked straight into Linda's eyes and a hug smile covered his whole face. "MINE!  She is mine?"
He drew the puppy into his arms and the friendship between them began at that very moment!

The gorgeous puppy will be Billy's therapy/companion dog for him to share his days with, to train and to snuggle on the couch with, to talk too and bring many smiles. 

This page will follow the story of Billy and his dog Jean .

             Linda Perry and Billy
Patchworks Jean Gray the Marvel Girl
                  August 2006
   Billy teaching Jean to sit and
      puppy kisses are the best !
Billy and his beloved John Boy
    Fall of 1979
Learning how to heel.
Training poops out a girl!!
Billy trained and worked hard with Jean to get her ready for her herding instinct test and she passed the test! 
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