Latigos Limited Edition (Tux) is the sire of two outstanding litters!  
 Born September 2014 

We are very proud to offer these puppies to herding, agility and performance homes. But most importantly we want them to go to families who will make them a big part of their everyday life!! These dogs adore their families and are loyal, devoted and forever by your side.
Puppies will be registered as AKC Miniature American Shepherds

Latigos Limited Edition (TUX)
comes from amazing herding lines. Slash V, Hangin Tree, Windsongs Falcon just to name a few! These dogs make incredible agility and performance dogs and of course your best buddy!  Click below to see his pedigree.
Tux is a Black Bi Aussie born Oct 26th, 2012
OFA Hip Rated Good. Currently training in both Herding and Agility. 

Seven Puppies born Sept 13th, 2014
Dam: Patchworks Jean Gray The Marvel Girl 
Two Black Females
One Black Male
Four Blue Merles Males
Below are the two litters, photos are added often! We wait till at least three weeks old before we state predicted color of eyes and whether any are Black Bi's or Tri's.  Puppies are handled daily for stimulation, socialization and training.  They are raised in our home and exposed to everything from small children to barn cats!  Our contracts include health guarantees against Hip Dysplasia and PRCD1, and more.
Puppies are tested on stock at 6 weeks old and temperament tested! 
Five puppies born Sept 15th, 2014
Dam: Latigos Falina Eyes Black As Night
One Black Female
One Blue Merle Female
Two Black Males
One Blue Merle Male

Photos links are posted here and updated every week or two, so stay tuned! 
Please email me if you are interested in a puppy, sales are pending now on four puppies.
Two weeks old - 
Eyes Opening & squirming! 
Scroll on down or
 Click here to view the photos at two weeks old below!
Puppies are two weeks old, 
eyes barely opening and they are just starting to try to walk about the whelping box
Falina's Girls
Sale Pending

Falina's Boys
Jean's Girls
Jean's Boys
Four Weeks Old and starting to look like puppies! Personalities are showing and they are adorable.
Falina's Girls
Latigos Smokey Mountain Lilly 
Black Tri Female
Falina's Boys
Black Tri Boys
Blue Merle Male
Jeans Girls
Jeans Boys
Blue Merle Male Full collar
Blue Merle Male #2 not much copper
Blue Merle Male #3
Blue Merle Male ( tiny )  #4
Black Tri Male
Four weeks old-
Starting to look like puppies and their personalities are growing!

Click here to see the 4 wk old photos!
Check back next week, puppies will be experiencing a lot of new things over the week, new toys, surfaces, people, noises and we will  be introducing some fun puppy games to see how clever they are! 
Puppies are all spoken for, watch for them in our future brags and news!
 These last two puppies are now spoken for and embarking on a wonderful life!
With the popularity of Facebook I find I post a lot more on it than on the website, I apologize for our lack of updates!
We have been very active, the puppies have been out herding and learning about stock, farm and even agility. Some are chasing discs and frisbees and all learning their manners.  Most of them have gone to their new homes, but those here at the farm are loving life!
Roy, Latigos King Of The Cowboys
Paladin, Latigos Have Gun Will Travel
Puppies are all spoken for, look for them in our future brags & news!