Below you will see photos of all the pups exploring the agility field and obstacles. You will also see their first encounter with ducks to help determine if any of them have some early natural instinct to herd. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as the puppies enjoy playing!  We will continue to post photos as they mature, so check back when you can!
Roses Cantina at (5.5 wks old ) trying her best to maneuver the jump. She really enjoyed this and didn't care at all about going around the obstacle, she wanted to go over and over the jump!
Long Live Cowboys (7 wks old) was the bravest of all the puppies and tried everything, he really loved racing through the tunnell !
A few candid shots in the field.
Roses Cantina at 5.5 wks old
Texas  Red- Outlaw at 5.5 wks old
The Gunslinger- Marty at 7 wks old
Falina showed the most natural instinct  -7wks old
Cowboy and Marty also showed some good early instinct 
Ranger was catching on at the end of the session 
                                  7 wks old
Rose really caught on fast - 6 wks old
Texas Red-Outlaw was beginning to have fun at 6 wks old
The puppies were Puppy Puzzled using the Pat Hasting Method  by Long time Breeder, Linda Perry. All puzzled very well and individual results for each puppy are available upon request. Puppies also had their eyes Cerfed on the 18th by Opthamologist Dr. Gwin. I am thrilled to say that all puppies passed the eye cerf with flying colors!
Follow the puppies as they grow up! 
   AKC Registered Miniature American Shepherds
Now living inCushing OK with a family full of love and kids!
Latigos Big Iron On His Hip - Ranger 
is a big puppy probably going to make close to18 inches when grown. He is full of vim and vigor and shows interest in stock. He is a brave and curious and gorgeous! Lives in Oklahoma.
Latigo Long Live Cowboys- Cowboy
He is a great pup with a great personality. He shows a lot of interest on stock and looks like he will mature between 16 and 17 inches tall. 
We expect him to make a very nice performance/ herding dog. Cowboy lives in Indiana with Barb and has already earned his AKC Herding Instinct Test Certificate! He is also training in Agility. See more pics of Cowboy Below
Outlaw, lives in Plano, Texas. He is so beautiful!

Rose, lives in Norman, OK and will be shown conformation and then train in agility!
Lila, lives with a wonderful family in OKC, OK. Enjoying the good life!
LATIGO LONG LIVE COWBOYS is a busy boy in Indiana!
Earned the first leg of his Herding Capability Test at the AHBA trial in Genoa City, Wisconsin 
Photo by Dick Bruner 
Cowboy showing conformation at the Valparaiso show