Pperformance/herding lines and should make great dogs for all activities including being your best buddy!
Sire  is Latigos Limited Edition
$600 spay/neuter - $900 Full Breeding Rights
Puppies purchased from Latigo Farm are eligible for free lifetime herding lessons
Born October 2, 2016
Dam: Chandreas Whatta Hunybe at Patchwork
Puppies have been evaluated on stock and also scored using the Puppy Aptitude Test. 

Most of them scored in the mid range which is ideal for performance and companion dogs. 

They all show interest in herding and a few ore so than others.  

The pups that are available are listed below
 Would like to see this pup go to a performance home, herding would be great but he should excel in any other performance venue as well. Scored all threes on the puppy aptitude test and definitely has a lot of natural instinct around the ducks, he wants to group them not chase them :) Handsome black bi turned 8 weeks old on Sunday November 27th - Nickname is Yogi Bear - SOLD
Red Tri female, could also show conformation, beautiful puppywith
 a sweet biddable temperment!

Her nickname is Duffy Bear
Only one puppy available! 
Black Tri Female
Gidget is a little firecracker!

She can move the flock up and down the fence like a pro, she is biddable and has a lot of keen interest.

She would make a great performance dog.

  Already has some of  her basic obedience commands