Luke is the proud pappa of nine puppies! Luke is such an exceptional dog, so we looked around to find just the right female to breed him too in hopes of having a daughter to carry on his legacy!  Puppies were born on November 20th, 2013. Six daughters and three sons!
 RB Wee Decorate My Life, aka Luke, loves agility, enjoys herding, is pointed in AKC conformation and is the sweetest dog I have had the pleasure of owning! Luke has already produced champion and grand champion dogs, performance agility dogs and best friends! Luke is OFA Good, and PRCD N/N Normal for eyes.
Patchworks Ruby Red Slippers, aka Ruby, the momma is a darling 15 inch tall female who has a very kind personality. She will be staying with us thru the entire puppy raising and then remain for some training in herding and agility. Her hips are OFA Good, and she is PRCD N/C for eyes and tested Clear of HC for Cataracts.
We are now taking deposits for 8 of the 9 puppies, one will remain with us. We post several updated photos weekly so stay tuned for your favorite and watch them grow!
Upon further inspection at three days old while docking tails,
 it appears there are 6 girls and 3 boys, those umbilical cords sure can fool you!
Two weeks old, eyes are opening and nails are trimmed, hard to tell the exact eye color. 
Blue Merle Boy
Blue Merle Boy
Red Tri Boy
Black Tri Boy
Red Merle Girl
   Little Reba
Red Tri Girl I
Red Tri Girl  II
Red Merle Girl
Black Tri Girl  
     full white collar
Blue Merle Girl
Click each photo for a larger view!!
   Puppies are all spoken for, thank you to each family who has a Latigo Farm puppy, you are now part of our extended family!
Three weeks old and cute as a button!
Three Boys
Six Girls
One month old, my how fast they grow!
Early Christmas present, a radio flyer saucer to play in!
The Boys
The Girls
Black Tri pups , Sis and Bro
         Bro on the right
Red Tri Sisters 
Martina on left and Loretta on right
A couple fun pics below to help you tell them apart!
The three tri sisters
Five Weeks old, 
FIRST time outside to play. 
They had so much fun in the agility pen
  The two tri boys!  
The black tri is now nicknamed  "Joy" 
This gorgeous fellow is 
named "Taiga"
Blue Merle female nicknamed "Monique" and
 Red Tri female, nicknamed "Loretta"
Red Tri Female, Martina
Black tri female, nicknamed "Trisha"
Loretta and Martina on the A Frame
Red merle female, "Happy", trying out the agility tunnel
Red tri female, Loretta
Blue merle female, Monique
Little Reba is very tolerant of her siblings!
This is the day I have been waiting for! Puppies see stock for the very first time! They are now 6 weeks old and showing a lot of promise
The boys, Joy, Nathan and Taiga
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The Girls, Loretta, Monique and Happy, 
Click each photo for a larger view
The Girls, Martina, Reba and Trisha, 
Click each photo for a larger view
At Seven weeks of age we test the puppies for temperament using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test.
It is a very critical time for puppies and helps us determine what family might be best suited for each puppy. We video each puppy during the test.  Videos can be found on our Youtube channel and we keep a detailed scoresheet for each puppy. Puppies all scored in the 3 and 4's which is just what you want in scores. We were very pleased
Here is the video of the puppy we are keeping, her nickname is Monica
Puppy Testors, Kim Sykes and Stacey from K9 Manners & More
At 8 weeks of age we do a Puppy Puzzle for structure evaluation using the method that Pat Hastings developed.  Linda Perry, a long time breeder from Missouri travels over to puzzle the puppies. All puppies scored as show/breed quality. No score can be below a 3 to be determined breed/show. Scoresheets are kept for each puppy and we do videos of the testing
Youtube video of Monica's puppy puzzle
  Photos of puppies with their family!
Coming soon