Born May 11, 2015 
Miniature American Shepherds
4 boys and one little girl
Pappa, Luke
Conformation, Herding and Agility!
Pedigree for the Puppies
Momma, Hunybe
Conformation, beautiful mover
$600 Spayed/Neutered; $900 Intact
Health Guarantees for Eyes and Hips
Free herding instruction for life from Latigo Farm!!

EYES are opening, so sweet! Black tri is a girl and all the rest are boys!
Four weeks old and learning to play with toys and spend a little time outside!
Click each photo for a larger view
Growing up so fast, in one more week we will test their instincts for herding!
Blue Merle Male
Call name is Fisher Price
 Red Tri Male
Call name is Tasmanian/Tas
 Red Tri Male
Call name is Leonardo/Leo
Red Merle Male 
Call name is Tonka
Black Tri Female 
Call name is Hazel
Lambs and Puppies First Introduction to stock 
Pups are 6 weeks old and lambs are eight weeks old
A few extra photos from the day! These two smaller pups are half the size of their litter mates!
Leo, Red Tri Male and Hazel Black Tri Female
All the puppies have new homes!
Eight weeks old and everyone spoken for except Little Leo, he may become a part of Tony Hoard's K9 Crew, we are determining whether or not he will be a good fit with that crew. 
Below are a few fun photos at eight weeks and some pictures of their new families.  
We are very excited that the pups have gone to wonderful homes and 
many will be returning for herding lessons ! 
This photo of Tonka was taken a few days before 8 weeks old, 
he is helping me bring the flock of 40 sheep to the barn.
Left photo Taz is jumping for joy, he is so happy to have a great home, his new owner is on the right!  He will herd, and run agility!
Fisher Price will be back for herding lessons and will also be in training for a visiting therapy dog
Tonka will be back for herding lessons and will be in training for a visiting therapy dog.  He will love the vast amount of hiking his family does!
Fisher Price - Photo by Laurie Morris Witt
His new name Bentley
Leo - Photo by Laurie Morris Witt
​Leo is high drive,  lots of instinct on stock and is a precious puppy!
Taz - Photo by Laurie Morris Witt
His new name Quigley
Hazel is going to a full time agility home, 
but will also train in herding and will show in conformation!