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Puppies born January 20th, 2010
Miniature American Shepherd
Puppies all have wonderful homes!
Both parents are OFA Good. Sire is PRCD tested normal

Five Weeks Old
Emily - Black Tri Female  
Whistling Dixie - small Blue Merle Female - two blue eyes
Beatrice - Blue merle female- two blue eyes 
He man - Blue Merle Male- two blue eyes
Abraham - Blue Merle male- two blue eyes 
Bandit - Blue Merle Male - mismark with excessive white on face
Companion/ Pet only
Dixie - Blue Merle female
Pictures at 6 weeks Old
Beatrice - Blue merle female
Emily- Black tri female
Blue Merle male
Abraham- Blue Merle male
Blue merle male
 Hope you enjoy the photos even though the pups are in their homes.
Whistling Dixie
Whistling Dixie is a gorgeous blue merle female. she will mature somewhere around 14-15inches. 

Moved to Memphis to be an agility star!
Beatrice is a gorgeous blue merle female. Looks like she will mature somewhere around 15-16 inches. She will be sold with a payment to the upcoming NAMASCUSA Futurity to be held in October in Claremore OK, during Nationals.
Contact us for more information!

Lives in Houston!
Abraham is a gorgeous blue merle male. Looks like he will mature somewhere around 15-17 inches. 

He has a wonderful family!!
Sweet Emily is a gorgeous black tri female. 
She is very small should under 14 inches at maturity. Very sweet puppy who was evaluated to be a wonderful performance dog. Should excell in agility, herding, or other sports. 

Resides in Chicago!.
Sweet Emily
Bandit is a great puppy with a wonderful disposition. He is very pretty! He is called a mismark because of the excessive white on his face. That just means he can not be a breeding dog or a conformation show dog. He would make a super pet and also a performance dog.  he is a very fun puppy!

Living in Austin!
Heman is a Houston Texan!